How and Why to Hire the Right Licensed Builder / Real Estate Developer

How and Why to Hire the Right Licensed Builder / Real Estate Developer

How and Why to Hire the Right Licensed Builder / Real Estate Developer 150 150 GAD Development, LLC

How and Why to Hire the Right Licensed Builder / Real Estate Developer


Your project is of great significance to you, whether you’re creating a commercial building or a home, renovating one, or designing something from scratch that will fulfill a need or dream you’ve had for a long time. You’ve nurtured your idea from a tiny spark in your imagination, and now you’re ready to make that dream a reality. The first place you need to start is with a licensed, reputable builder with expertise in real estate, construction, and renovation industries. No matter what type of project you are looking to complete, a licensed builder is necessary to ensure that your project is completed on time, with an eye to your budget, tastes, and timelines — and of course with the outcome you want. So how can a licensed builder make your construction, renovation, design, or real estate project happen? Let’s talk about what they does, what you should look for, what makes a builder stand out from other, and how a they can make your project a stunning success.

What is a Licensed Builder?

You may think you know what a Licensed Builder does, and if you’ve been involved in many construction projects, you may be right. There also may be certain functions they perform for which you are not aware. There may be a licensed builder who offers many more aspects of project development than you expected – especially with facets of design and materials selection.  In general, a licensed builder is responsible for providing:

  • Architectural design
  • Open-book project costs so you know exactly the true costs
  • All Permitting.  Every city and county permitting applications are different
  • Demolition
  • Construction schedule
  • Construction materials
  • Construction Labor and relationships with sub-contractors
  • Equipment such as tools, vehicles, barricades, etc.
  • All inspections
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • And other services such as interior and exterior design.

The licensed builder makes sure everything and everyone needed to complete your project is available and ready to go. They hire subcontractors in specialized areas to perform certain types of construction work on your project, who defer to the company in charge of the construction project. The licensed builder ensures that all contractors, sub-contractors, their employees, including foremen, superintendents, general laborers, carpenters, and other people are skilled in their trades. Licensed Builders like GAD Development, LLC work with subcontractors they trust and rely on for quality work. GAD Development, LLC selects subcontractors who specialize in construction, real estate, renovation, and unique design – all of whom have had extensive experience in the industry. And, all of whom GAD Development has worked for many years on many projects.

In GAD Development, LLC, you get much more than a licensed builder. You get the expertise of years of design and development experience coupled with top of the line sub-contractors who have worked together on GAD Development projects.  From permits, to demolition, to smart homes… look for a licensed builder who has the end-to-end experience and expertise.


What Should You Look for in a Licensed Builder for Your Project?

Hiring a reputable firm for your construction, renovation, real estate, or design project is of the utmost importance. You should look for the following qualities in a builder before hiring:

  • Listening skills. Do they hear what you want?
  • Experience in “your” type of project
  • A stellar reputation in the industry.  Ask for references.  Check out their work.
  • Integrity and honesty.
  • Flexibility
  • Honesty
  • Open book finances and your approval of change orders before they happen.

In addition, you can look for these signs that a licensed builder is a good employer and will perform quality work on your project:

  • Contractors and sub-contractors who work well together
  • Daily communication of project goals and achievements
  • On time achievement of project goals
  • Open and transparent construction plans and budgeting
  • Willingness to discuss those plans with you


What Makes a Licensed Builder Stand Out?

Licensed Builders who stand out will have a solid reputation for success, openness, and will have examples of completed projects that you can actually visit to see their work. Look for a builder who is willing to allow you on site during the project, and willing to let you closely observe the work that is being done. After all, it’s your project — you know what you want, even if you don’t know how to properly build it. A good builder should make you feel welcome on the job site as long as you are not interfering with the work being done unnecessarily. Beware of buiders who:

  • Are not willing to write things down in contracts
  • Want you to use non-industry standard materials
  • Believes city and county permits are unnecessary
  • Seem in a rush to finish the job
  • Won’t share true costs with you
  • Add or change your project plans without your approval.

A good Licensed Builder is always willing to:

  • Show you proof of insurance, licensing, and good references for past work
  • Works with contracts that clearly define the builder’s responsibilities
  • Obtain all necessary permits and building inspections required
  • Uses quality materials
  • Requires only % deposit to begin work and a contract.

If your builder has these qualities, rest assured that you are in good hands. At GAD Development, LLC, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, keeping open books and contracts for clients, and an extensive insight into interior and exterior design that can make your project a smashing success. Give us a call at (561) 239-5440 and let’s talk about your special project.